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The form on this page helps you add your Australian web site (about Australia, or run by a business with an Aussie address) to the Come on Aussie Directory, and be shown on other sites in our network.
The form on this page helps you add your Australian web site (about Australia, or run by a business with an Aussie address) to the Come on Aussie Directory, and be shown on other sites in our network.

We do charge a small fee to review each listing, which helps cover our expenses in maintaining the quality of a long established (since 2002), human moderated, and authoritative Australian website :)

For the same price as a large, frothy cappuccino - just $5.00 - you can enter the details about your business website for Come On Aussie to show - forever!

Your listing/citation is ALSO included on other sites which carry our data :)

ALL ENTRIES are logged and manually checked.

They are not published or reviewed until payment is received. Sometimes that can take up to 12-24 hours.

Inappropriate ones are deleted without notice.

Please remember, attempts at spamming this site are a waste of time as each listing has a manual assessment and approval process to maintain the quality of our index.

See all the full "blah, blah, blah" fine-print details at bottom :)

Now... onto the form...

And WOW! Don't we ask you for a lot of information!!!

LOL Well that's to make sure your listing actually WORKS for you :)

ALL FIELDS (except the keyword one) ARE REQUIRED!

And that ALSO means FULL and CORRECT CONTACT DETAILS are needed.

Oh, and puhleeeese...
Check ya spellin and Punchuasion!!!! :)


Your listing is made live ONLY AFTER your PayPal payment has been processed.


Hello - All fields are useful - required ones are marked as such.
Your WEBSITE Details
Your complete URL/Web Address i.e.
Web Address / URL Required

What you put here is the ANCHOR TEXT used to create the link to your website. It is USUALLY your Business Name. DO NOT spell out your domain name/URL here. It looks silly... and wastes a great SEO opportunity.

Name of Web Site Required
Allow Search Engines to FOLLOW this link?

Do Follow?
Yes (default) ---- or No

OPTIONAL FIELD If you use a DIFFERENT ADDRESS for the MOBILE version of your website, please enter your MOBILE web address here - eg.

MOBILE Web Address:

(this is NOT a mobile phone number)

THIS is the bit that entices people to click over to your site - so make it interesting!

NOTE: That previous sentence is 100 characters exactly... the absolute MINIMUM required here!

Seriously... you really should have AT LEAST FIVE strong sentences here - anything shorter than that does not look "good" for your business.

In fact, you should aim to COMPLETELY FILL this field with useful information!

TWO extra carriage returns (TWO) will create a blank space between paragraphs.

HTML code is NOT really allowed here - mainly because some people SPAM it with extra links, or use really poor code.

And please... DO NOT cut & paste from a word doc as ONLY TEXT CHARACTERS are allowed in this field.

WebSite Description Required
What are the MAIN key words (NO MORE THAN 5-10) do people use to search for this type of business? DON'T REPEAT them as they really are only needed once :)

Please locate the best category for the website. Required
This list is comprehensive and Alphabetical :)

Your BUSINESS Details

These details should MATCH what is on your website!

Use a PO Box if you don't want to reveal your actual location, but something MUST be included here. This address should match what is on your web site and/or your domain WHOIS records.

(Reminder for SEO Agencies - these are your CLIENT details and not yours)

Your Business / Trading Name Required
Your STREET/POSTAL Address Required
(Town Name goes into the NEXT FIELD)
Town Required
Select a State Required
Post Code Required
Business Phone # Required
(Inc area codes) - NO fake numbers please!

What target audience is your site mainly aimed at?

Your CONTACT Details - Use REAL Names please!!!
* Contact First Name Required
* Contact Surname Required
* Password Required
Used to edit your listing later.

Note - Letters and Numbers ONLY allowed here
* Contact Email Required
Optional - Add Your Social Linking Details!

Again... NON-AUSTRALIAN / NZ websites are NOT permitted here,
and ARE REMOVED during our review process!

Privacy Statement
All information on the form above IS made available for public viewing
EXCEPT your name and email address.
These are used solely by us for occasional communications with you.

We retain the right to delete or edit any submission without notice.See examples of what is NOT wanted below.

Now... if you are SURE all your information is correct... click the button below to...

to continue on to PayPal to make your payment.

Remember... OUR REVIEW FEE IS $5.00
Submissions are NOT made active until payment is received.

SEO Agencies Only...

Enter your SEO Agency password to verify your listing:

Your Agency Password:

Then click -->

(No Password? - Click for Agency Information)

You will need to contact us at with your URL
and password details shown above to confirm your intentions.


The vast majority of listings received are approved without any dramas! However... if your listing contains ANY of the following, it might be removed without notice. NO REFUNDS are available if that happens.

  • NOT AUSTRALIAN or NZ BASED websites, (do'h!)
  • Sites that are nothing more than "doorway" pages to other (client?) websites (ie built just for SEO purposes)
  • listings on other directories are not permitted. We have a directory of websites - not a directory of directories :)
  • MULTIPLE entries for the same domain or "pages" within that domain,
  • Sites which contain little USEFUL content or stuffed with advertising
  • Websites which are not complete (ie still under construction),
  • Listings submitted with FAKE or INCORRECT URL's which cannot easily be corrected,
  • Listings submitted with FAKE or INCORRECT/INCOMPLETE CONTACT DETAILS, or
  • Links to gambling, casino, racist, defamatory, warez, scam sites etc.

If your submission breaches these guidelines, you might find it rejected without any notice! and NOT QUALIFY FOR A REFUND.

We are totally in favour of 100% transparency on the web if you are legitimately doing business. So... if we cannot easily verify your contact details, or if they look at all suspicious or designed to mislead, your listing is removed!

If your submission is removed, chances are it did not pass this process due to one of the reasons above.

Please don't waste your time (or ours) by suggesting sites which do not qualify. And for that matter, if you're not going to pay the review fee... please don't waste time by sending in the form either :)

For those of you who do the right thing, we apologize for sounding abrupt... but we are very serious about continuing to maintain and improve the quality of our user experience!

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