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How to Start a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business

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Starting any business is a task and needs a thought-out plan.

Always perform a SWOT analysis before embarking on a business venture so that you are able to know what to look out for.

Starting any business is a task and needs a thought-out plan.

Always perform a SWOT analysis before embarking on a business venture so that you are able to know what to look out for.

Market Research

Doing an extensive market research on such a business in Australia could go a long way in ensuring that you make fewer mistakes than not researching. Survey your market area and the population size. Find out how many dry cleaning companies are there and what they charge for their services. Finding out all these goes a long way in ensuring that you don't overcharge your potential clients.

Business Plan

Every aspiring business person who comes up with an idea and they want to actualize must have a business plan. A detailed business plan will help you in the planning process which involves all the costs expected to be incurred before the initial startup. Here, you will research and see what companies offer commercial washing machines for sale so that you can include that in the overall costs.


Where you decide to put up the laundry business is quite crucial in how much client traffic you get and how you price your services. Sometimes, you may choose to locate the business at a high-end place where your customers are above average income earners. In such a case, the pricing will be a bit exaggerated while in low-income areas, the prices will not be the same. However, always strive to identify a locality where the flow of clients is high for higher returns. Also, the location you identify is what will determine the delivery expenses and how accessible it is for the clients. Place the business strategically at a place where you know people will need your services.


Get to understand what type of equipment needed to start a laundry business is readily available in the preferred location. The company where you get supplies for all your laundry and dry cleaning supplies also matters. Choose the high quality laundry brand from a professional supplier to ensure you get what you need. The cost at which you get them plays a significant role in the overall pricing of the services. Outline the possible places you can get commercial Laundromat supplies. Also, get to find out how much coin-operated washing machines cost so that if they are within your budget, you can purchase them. During the acquisition, ensure that they are from a trusted dealer.

Starting out a laundry and dry cleaning business in Australia could be either a good or a bad thing depending on how you have calculated your steps towards the business idea. Get more details here on the laundry equipment you will need.


Once you have bought the equipment, you or your staff may need training on how to use the different sets available. Talk to the manufacturers of the equipment and have them send their expert to conduct a presentation on how the various sets of machines are used. Training ensures that no mistakes are done while providing the services to the clients hence, increasing the likelihood of a higher customer satisfaction level.

Employee Recruitment

Once you have identified the business framework, the hiring process begins. The size of your intended market is what determines how many employees you will need. After you have identified the required number, initiate the recruitment process and get to shortlist the qualified personnel. If the employees being interviewed are many, you could get somebody to help you to avoid having a biased opinion.

Transport Channel

After the recruitment process, what channel will you use for delivery? Getting a truck with your company details written on it for delivering could be a good idea. People will get curious to know what services you offer hence they could look you up and get to see the company profile.


How do you intend to market your business? Marketing is one of the main pillars that determine how much the company achieves regarding revenue. Identify the proper channels that you can use to try and make your business remain ahead of the rest. For example, setting up a social media page that describes your services could earn more followers who would be interested in your services. Online channels play a huge role towards getting more clients interested in trying out your services. Provide a link to your site so that they can see the available options.

All in all, such a business idea requires attention to details and ensuring that you deliver on the promised date.

Clients hate delays hence, always ensure that if you promise to drop off their clothes on Wednesday at a particular time, you deliver at the exact time. This way, they are able to trust you in service delivery hence stick by you

Customer loyalty helps grow the business relationship, and they help you get more clients through their referrals.

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