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How Do I Remove My Listing?

How do I delete or remove the business listing for my website? Please let me know what is the quickest way to do that?
Sure... it's quite simple.

First, LOGIN using the Green EDIT THIS link that is at the bottom of your business listing page (just under all the address details and social links).

Don't have the password?

Then click the FORGOT PASSWORD button to have it sent to the registered email address. If that's your address and you can't find it in a couple of minutes... check your Junk Mail folder. Login.

Then, just scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will find the email address to send your request!

Not simple?

Well, it does give us a little bit of security to ensure we are dealing with an "authorised" person. I'd hate to remove a listing if it wasn't you LOL

If you can't login, then send an email FROM YOUR DOMAIN EMAIL ACCOUNT to our NORMAL email address - in other words, we get a formal request from the domain name USED in the listing :)

Please do NOT use the "Report This" button on your listing as we cannot verify your credentials.

And if I get a proper, confirmed request, I am happy to remove any listing for now cost, but ONLY after I ask you WHY? :)

Automated Systems

If you use any AUTOMATED SYSTEM such as "linkremovalhelp" or whatever they call themselves... I'll tell you now that we (and every other legitimate directory) IGNORE ALL REQUESTS from those! Why? Well, they NEVER follow up to verify their authenticity! A very important step I am sure you will agree. So don't waste time or money paying for those services!


If I get sent one of those "We have suffered a penalty and your site will also suffer if you don't remove our link" crap email request... I also ignore those, because I know 99% of the time they are fake/spam/rubbish etc.

And seriously, I don't suffer if your link stays. So if you can't follow OUR procedure, I can't help you.

Were you naughty in the past? Did you do indulge in some bad linking practices, or pay someone to do just that sort of thing? Well if you did, I have no sympathy for you LOL

But I do have to ask...

WHY Would You Want To Remove Your Link Anyway?

WHO WAS IT that advised you that you needed to specifically remove your link from THIS site?

Tell me their name and address so I can sue the pants off them LOL

Seriously, not even Google itself identifies specific websites IF you get their warning letter. They are very "general" in what they say.

What they ARE saying is to LOOK closely at your link profile because they believe SOME of the links on it might be a problem for you. And then they leave it up to you to identify which are the crappy, problematic ones, and then tell THEM who you removed! And guess what? YOU did their job for them and TOLD them who you thought the bad links were LOL

So again, I would love to know who advised you that a link from Come On Aussie, specifically, is a bad one, and what reasons they used?

Or, if you saw it "reported" on a web page, or in some "SEO Report", then I really need to know :) Thanks!

Because they really need to be sorted, and put on the straight and narrow!

So Take Another Look Around Here... Then YOU Decide For Yourself!

Is this really a "bad neighbourhood" to be in? What makes you think that?

Just look at the quality of the content here for starters! Written by real people who speak Aussie English proper like (and who also have a sense of humour).

Are the links for businesses on this site scraped from phonebooks? Or from other parts of the web? Nope. Not this site. Never!

Is there any of that "Claim this listing" crap you see on a lot of the "poorer quality" directories that Google is really trying to warn you about? Nope again - not here!

Every listing here has been lovingly hand-submitted by the business owner or an authorised person! They have also been checked over by a real live human (me) to ensure that minimum quality standards are maintained!

And as far as standards are concerned... look at the actual listing page! Does it not do its best to "sell" your website? Well, as much as it can depending on the words you provided with the original submission :)

Finally, how LONG has your listing been here?

There are quite a few thousand listings on Come on Aussie for ACTIVE businesses which have been here for more than 10 years! I'm pretty sure if there was any Tom Foolery going on here, they wouldn't still be here!

Maybe you only want to change some details and don't really want to delete it?

Well, that's fine too... Just LOGIN and do that!


In fact, we encourage people to do just that!

I hope that has answered this FARQ... but if you have any more questions for me, then ask here!

Stephen Spry
Come On Aussie Internet

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