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5 Tips To Improve Your Gutter Cleaning

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Gutter cleaning does not have to be a hard task. Here are five tips that will help you clean your gutters quicker and more effectively.
Gutter cleaning does not have to be a hard task. Here are five tips that will help you clean your gutters quicker and more effectively.

No one likes cleaning their gutters! But it is an important home maintenance task that can save you massive money in the long run.

Here are some tips to make sure that you are gutter cleaning like a professional and not making mistakes like an amateur. Set aside some time this weekend to apply these five tips and your gutters will be ready for even the heaviest rainfall.

1) Regular Cleaning Means Easier Cleaning

The more often you clean your gutters the easier a task it is. Leaves and debris can get baked into the corners of your gutters if you leave them in there during a long hot summer. Soaked leaves that are continually damp in a long wet winter will cause the joints of your gutters to corrode. By keeping your gutters clear of leaves not only will water flow freely in heavy rainfall, but it will also extend the lifespan of your gutters.

There are a lot of property owners that think cleaning gutters once every two years is enough. But when you rarely clean your gutters it becomes a massive undertaking and can take up to four times as long.

'A stitch in time saves nine', so don't leave it too long. For the majority of properties in leafy suburbs, gutter cleaning is essential twice a year. If you have to pay a professional to clean your gutters, then at least you can view it as putting money into your investment as it will extend the life of your gutters and roof in the long run.

2) Don't Forget The Downpipes

The biggest mistake that amateur gutter cleaners make is that they think that the job is done when they have cleaned all of the gutters. But if you have not cleared out the downspout you are going to get a shock when the next heavy rainstorm comes. Guttering systems are designed to direct rain from off your roof into the gutters and down the spout. So if that downspout is blocked, where is all the water going to go?

There are some horror stories of massive water seepage occurring throughout Sydney homes during heavy rain. The cause? Blocked downspouts. So don't put in all of the hard work of cleaning the gutters and then forget to clean the exits! In fact, if it helps, instead of viewing the task as 'gutter cleaning' you can view it as 'roof drainage cleaning'. That will ensure the entire roof drainage system works effectively, then you can consider the job done.

Depending on how blocked your downspout is, tapping on the side can unclog leaves and sticks that are not too jammed. If there is a proper clog you may need to force the leaves out with the end of a broom. A lot of properties have downspouts that are connected to an underground drain. If this is the case with your home than you will need to disconnect the bottom of the drain and remove the clog before you connect the drain again.

Gutter cleaning can be very dangerous if proper techniques and safety equipment are not used.

Always ensure that you are using effective personal protective equipment before you start cleaning your gutters.

3) Protect Your Eyes

When thinking of safety regarding gutter cleaning, most people think straight away of fall protection and ladder safety. But there is more than one obvious hazard when you cleaning rank debris from your guttering system.

Bees, flies and mosquitos often make their home in damp gutters. A pair of safety goggles can ensure that any small creepy-crawlies are kept out of your ocular system. Additionally, on a hot windy day when dust, leaves and dirt are blowing around, squinting is not considered eye protection.

There are a lot of 'trendy' safety goggles on the market now that will ensure you keep your dignity and your eyesight :)

4) Research Gutter Guards

Despite the hype, gutter guards are the panacea for all blocked gutter problems. But you should research to see if they will benefit your property!

Although they do not totally eliminate the need for cleaning your gutters entirely, they reduce the frequency that you have to clean your gutters and allow your gutters to flow freely when there is heavy precipitation.

Read reviews on the gutter guards before you purchase anything as salesmen will generally sell you what is best for them, as opposed to what is the ideal product for your unique property. A bit of research and you will see from customer reviews that most plastic leaf screeners are a complete waste of money, but premium polyethylene guards can be very effective in Sydney.

Remember that you will still need to clean your gutters occasionally to ensure that acids seeping from leaves do not corrode your gutters, so choose gutter guards that allow you to still easily access the gutters.

An added benefit of gutter guards is that they prevent the ubiquitous Indian Myna birds and Eastern Ring Tailed Possums from taking up residence in your gutters.

5) Test Your Gutters

Once you have removed all of the leaves, environmental debris and plants that are going in your gutters, it is time to test the guttering systems. Put a hose up on your roof and see where the water is draining. Are there any low spots in your gutters that are not flowing properly? Are there any leaks that are letting water into your fascia?

Now is the time to fix these issues before they get too big. Internal water damage can be an expensive proposition, so buy out the opportune time before the rains come. If there are no issues, then sit back and enjoy your good work.

Who Is Sydney Gutter Clean?

Locally owned and operated, Sydney Gutter Clean is a team of fully trained and insured professional gutter cleaners that are raising the standard of gutter cleaning in the Sydney region. Offering a complete range of gutter maintenance, repair and cleaning services, they are committed to keeping your gutters in good working order.

With a team of industry professionals that go the extra mile to ensure that you are more than satisfied with their performance, they have a wide array of five-star reviews. Sydney Gutter Clean is a team of gutter cleaners that have been hand-picked for their integrity and dedication to quality workmanship.

Get a free quote from the Sydney Gutter Cleaners website if your gutters need cleaning and you want to rely on the professionals, or visit their listing here on Come On Aussie.

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