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How To Transform Your Outdoor Space Into A Balinese Retreat

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Skip the eight-hour flight to Indonesia and have an island retreat in your backyard instead.

Follow these simple tips and you will have a tropical paradise just outside your back door.

Skip the eight-hour flight to Indonesia and have an island retreat in your backyard instead.

Follow these simple tips and you will have a tropical paradise just outside your back door.

Every week of the year, about 16,000 Australians jump on flights to visit Bali, the Island of the Gods. Escaping into steamy villas with luxurious surrounds, there is no doubt that Australian's have garnered an addiction to the uplifting and inviting culture of the Balinese.

But is there a way to transform your outdoor space into a Balinese villa without the hassle of immigration and crazy moped rides.

You may not be able to go to trendy Seminyak cafes every weekend, but by creating a Bali inspired outdoor setting in your backyard at least you can take your mind to an idyllic escape. Prepare a spicy stir-fry or some nasi goreng teamed with a Bintang and you can enjoy a true South East Asian experience without the risk of Bali-belly. Invite your friends over and make the most of your tropical escape.

But even though you have your owned themed resort in your backyard, you should still find an excuse to visit the Indonesian archipelago to pick up some more accessories for your house to match the interior with the exterior.

Prepare Your Space

Before you jump on Pinterest and get your pulse racing with excitement, take a minute to sit down and envision your ideal space. Think back to your favourite outdoor spaces in Bali and identify the key features that appealed to you.

Was it the sunlight showering in through the bamboo casting shadows on the rugged brick walls? Or is it the earthy teak furniture that provided the perfect setting for lounging on long afternoons?

Once you identify the key elements that you want to incorporate into your outdoor setting, then you can start planning. Determine the size and layout in order to maximise usable space. Take note of prevailing natural elements such as sunshine and winds.

Do you need to block out harsh afternoon sun so that it is not blasting in the eyes of your guests as you are entertaining? Awnings, gazebos and outdoor umbrellas can protect you from the elements while still providing you with that iconic Bali lifestyle ambience.

Plan the positioning of your outdoor furniture to create a space with a view. You may not have an expansive view of the Indian Ocean, but you can make the most of your water features, flowers and the local landscape.

Skip the eight-hour flight to Indonesia and have an island retreat in your backyard instead! Follow these simple tips and you will have a tropical paradise just outside your back door.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Furniture

Replicate a luxury Balinese resort with carefully chosen boutique teak furniture. Bali is the home of hundreds of master furniture craftsman that design gorgeous pieces that are used in resorts, villas and hotels all over the island. Like Bali, Queensland, Northern Territory and the northern areas of Western Australia and New South Wales have warm climates that are perfect for enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle. In these warm climates, furniture constructed from teak, cane and weatherproof fabrics are perfect for the humid weather.

Create a relaxed, open-air resort feel by adding less furniture that you think you should. Neutral colours and tones work best when paired with dark leafy greenery. Just because your seating is located outdoors does not mean that you have to compromise on comfort.

When picking outdoor furniture focus on quality rather than quantity. As the furniture is openly exposed to the sunshine, heavy rains and the elements, poorly-crafted furniture will quickly fade and look tacky. Premium quality outdoor furniture is a valuable investment in the long-run as it will look great for years to come.

Mamagreen has a wide range of outdoor furniture crafted by Indonesian artisans from sustainable materials. With a complete range of loungers, chairs, tables, storage solutions and day beds, you can design your perfect setting by mixing and matching the collections. The teak furniture provides the perfect Bali vibe while also offering designer style, functionality and build-quality.

Your Photos Are The Best Artwork

You may not have a view of the glistening amber sun sinking into the horizon each afternoon on your east facing balcony, but there are ways you can adapt. When was the last time that you printed a photo? It might have been years ago, but this can be a great option for capturing a Bali vibe in your outdoor setting. Modern camera phones have great optics that capture excellent images by even the most amateur photographer. Go through your holiday snaps and choose some iconic Bali images of sunsets, villas, rice fields or mountain landscapes. Apply a filter and print them out.

You might even be impressed how professional they turn out. Not only will they add some perfect atmospheric elements to your balcony or terrace, but memories will flood in as you picture yourself back in the warm Bali sunshine with a cocktail in hand.

Create flickering shadows with candles and oil lanterns and use spot lighting to highlight artworks and features. Don't overdo the lighting, use just enough to suit the purpose of your setting, whether it is relaxing, entertaining, reading or chilling out. If you are in Bali there are a large number of craftsmen that produce exquisite table candelabras in the streets around Kerobokan.

If you are worried about whether timber pieces will be allowed back through customs you can choose to buy from an outdoors decor store back in Australia, but you will have to pay marked-up Australian prices for the same products, but at least you know that they will not be confiscated for housing some termites or insects.

Add Some Tropical Greenery

Lush greenery is an essential component of any mini-Bali setting. Towering bamboo that forms dynamic shelters, bromeliads, cordyline and wedding palms should be some of the first items you should add to your exterior setting. Balance the greenery with water features, lanterns and tasteful statues. If you have space for a water feature, consider terraced water pools with a descending pool. Not only will it add a delicate gentle sound of water falling, but it will replicate the graded falls of the ubiquitous Ubud rice fields.

If you are trying to design a Bali inspired space in the southern states of Australia, you might find it hard to grow tropical plants in the frigid conditions. Some property owners have bypassed this problem by using fake greenery. When thinking of fake plants, don't worry there are a lot more realistic designs than your grandmother's fake lilacs in her dusty living room.

Talented artisans create exotic flowers and orchids that add spectacular contrast and energy to your space, even if it almost freezing outside in the winter months. Keep an eye out for 'silk plants' which have a natural wooden trunk with leaves that have a smooth and crisp texture.

Add some simple horticultural accents and you will be transported to the tropics in no time.

About Mamagreen

Mamagreen is an outdoor furniture store with showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne. Come and explore the range of award winning outdoor furniture to find your new favourite outdoor setting. Vist Mamgreen @ 483 Balmain Rd, Lilyfield NSW, go to the website, or check out their business listing here.

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