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Lap Pools – Why Your Backyard (And Your Fitness) Needs One

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Swimming is one of the best ways for people to keep fit. The beauty of swimming is that it is a low impact sport, meaning that it's kind to your joints and is approachable for everyone.
Swimming is one of the best ways for people to keep fit. The beauty of swimming is that it is a low impact sport, meaning that it's kind to your joints and is approachable for everyone.

Why is that good? As we get older, our joints begin to wear. After all, they're being used all day every day for an infinite number of reasons. That can often mean that people don't like to do too much physical activity – for fear of the pain that comes with using those worn out joints. But that has the knock-on effect of allowing those people to become unfit, and that puts extra pressure on the joints.

The Healthy Option

It's a problem that swimming can solve. Swimming allows those who have painful joints due to age or illness to exercise without pain. And the plus side is that swimming also works as a fitness method for those without sore joints. This is one of the main reasons why lap pools are becoming so popular in Australia.

A lap pool is a specific type of swimming pool that is primarily used for health and fitness reasons. They tend to be rectangular, and at least 10 metres long. They are perfect for even smaller backyards, offering the homeowner the best way to keep fit and active in the privacy of their own home.

If you think that a lap pool might work for your needs and your backyard, then there are a few things you will need to consider before choosing an installer. One of these is what is on trend and what will still look modern in years to come. Others have more to do with construction and design methods and ideas. Once these have been decided, and your lap pool has been installed, one thing is for certain; you'll never regret it.

Australian Lap Pool Trends

Just because something is popular right now, at this very moment, that doesn't mean the design and style will stand the test of time. If that's important to you, it may take a little longer to come up with a timeless design that will always look as though you just had the pool installed. If you like to be ‘of the time', however, then what should you be looking for?

Lap pool trends in Australia currently include L-shaped pools (rather than rectangular ones). These pools have the added benefit of having an additional pool area that can be used even when someone is out there swimming lengths – so it's good for everyone.

Another great trend that is wowing Australia at the moment is the fountain idea. Add a fountain to a straight wall and let it trickle, splash, or otherwise fall into the pool beneath. It offers a nice focal point, plus it helps to maintain the temperature of the pool. It even helps with water wastage, as the fountain or waterfall will re-use water that has already been through the pool.

Steps that double as a seating area are also really on trend right now. It's great to watch someone do their laps – time them, encourage them, be in awe at how well they are doing – but what's even better is to do all of this whilst sitting in a shallow alcove of water. You can either paddle, sit on the edge with your feet in the water, or fully immerse yourself, but however you choose to do it, you won't be getting in the way of the swimmers because the steps are recessed back. Perfect.

Although not technically part of the pool itself, wet walls and wet decks are supremely popular. A wet deck is carefully designed so that all the water that lands on it runs back into the pool. Not only does this save water, but it also means that when you walk away from the decking, you leave the water behind, keeping the rest of the backyard – and your house – dry.

And what will your pool be made out of? There are a few different options, the most popular being concrete or fibreglass. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks, so research – and a knowledgeable pool expert – is vital. Getting this important element wrong means that the literal foundations of your pool will be wrong too, and the final result won't be what you were really looking for. With a build this big, you want to get it right first time.

Design Considerations

When you are speaking with your pool designer, you will need to think about some important aspects of the design of your lap pool. These may be things you hadn't even considered before and will include deciding what kind of ladder to use.

A metal ladder is traditional and might be the first thing you think of, but depending on where it needs to be (due to the space allowed for the pool in the first place), it could just get in the way in a lap pool. You might want to consider integrated steps instead, for example.

What about a spa? If you have space, you may be able to add an integrated spa. This means you can use the pool for something other than fitness – and make it something the whole family (and all your friends) will want to join in with!

Heating your pool is also something that you will want to think about… or is it?

When are you going to be using your pool the most? If it will be more likely you'll be swimming in the mornings or evenings, then heating is a must. In the summer afternoons? Maybe it's not such an important element. But bear in mind that if you are going to be swimming when the sun hasn't had a chance to help the water warm up, you'll want to add some form of heating to your design. That can definitely bump the cost up, so make sure your budget can take it.

Lisamarie is a passionate writer covering diverse topics including those related to swimming pools, fitness & health.

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