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For an exhilarating interior design, why not integrate even just a few pieces of glass mosaics? A truly attractive and one-of-a-kind look will likely be the outcome.
For an exhilarating interior design, why not integrate even just a few pieces of glass mosaics? A truly attractive and one-of-a-kind look will likely be the outcome.

Why Glass Mosaic Tiles?

You can be creative with any mosaic styles and design any look you desire with them. Many are now using them to create great mosaic masterpieces. Because glass is quite solid once the tile is laid, this wouldn't scratch under normal use.

Let's take a look at some of the perks and drawback of using glass mosaic tiles, such as:

A multitude of attractive looks - As mentioned earlier, you can have an endless creativity with glass mosaics. Choose the right size, colour, the suitable mix – and that depends on your budget. For a more interesting outcome, combine glass mosaics with ceramic or stone and you get a more well-defined look.

A larger and more vibrant feel - Glass tiles reflect light, the reason why your room will look bigger and brighter. Your indoor ambience will truly be enhanced with glass mosaics. When done right, be assured of a unique charm and elegance to your rooms.

To be sure, always consult a professional tiler in your area. Otherwise, contact ExoTiles and never go wrong with your installation.

The Trouble With Glass Mosaic Tiles

Tiles are only as strong as the base in which they sit atop of so until glass mosaic tiles are laid they are vulnerable. Glass is without a doubt, fragile. So, utmost care must be observed when handling such material.

Material Options

So many different types of tiles are made available today and they come with a variety of purposes. If you want your project to be right, then choose the appropriate types of materials, for example, do not use stainless steel or copper for floors as they will become scratched and do not use metal externally unless it is 316 marine grade stainless steel.

How To Make Your Bathroom More Lovable

If you want to freshen up and feel more comfortable, the first room you would like to enter is the bathroom. But, how can you make yourself comfortable if your bathroom looks gloomy?

Experts say there's a way to enliven your bathroom – add a splash of glass mosaic tiles along with your already installed bathroom tiles. If you want to put some exciting attraction to such area, first you need to consider its colour.

Now, speaking of colour, the first thing that comes to the mind is actually the colour of tiles. Here are some bright ideas from ExoTiles, on the relationship of colours in the bathroom such as:

  • The brightest tones must be in high zones
  • The darkest tones must be in the lower zones
  • The middle tones must also be at eye level

Although, there are no hard and fast rules about those things, try doing it in your bathroom to see the awesome difference.

Remember to have one dominant colour, one less dominant and another that will show prominence at the second look. However, where large areas are concerned, you have to avoid contrast in the bathroom. This is because at first glance, it will really look beautiful but then after a while, your eyes will kind of feel sore.

For grout? Chose a colour very similar to, but not identical to the main colour of the tile.

Tile Murals – A Beautiful Inspiration

If you think that only bathrooms and kitchens are tiled or decorated with murals in the past, think again. Today, almost every room in your house can have attractive tiles in them.

Mural mosaic tiles can now be found as decorations in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, in swimming pools and so on. Think about this: if you tile your walls rather than use those alternative coverings, what a beautiful inspiration you will have right in your own home.

Quality Hand-made Tiles Delivered To Your Door

ExoTiles, the leading online tile supplier in Australia, offers a wide selection of decorative wall tile murals, even single tile accents. Be glad to know that our products suit a range of wall applications. And these include - a feature wall, bathroom walls, splashbacks and more.

With custom made murals you're free to choose glass tiles or marble natural stone. With a decorative wall tile mural added, your home can really create a statement. If you want a reproduction of original artwork, scenery, paintings, landscape, drawings, whatever it is that inspires you, then you're going to have it if that's what you really want it to be. And more.

Mosaic murals are all hand-made piece by piece. Mosaic mural designs can be customised to you and it will be a one of kind only for you and your precious home. What's more, we can refer you to skilled artists and designers that can turn the best photo you own into a tile mural of accent tile, or for that matter copy any image you provide.

Designs can be made with tiny pieces of individually cut slithers of glass or stone, or alternatively, an image can be formed by combining 1cm x 1cm squares to form a pixel image, though the latter method is more commonly used for swimming pools.

For more information

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