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Social Media Important for the Growth of Robina Lawyers

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Since Facebook started, social media has been an important communication tool for many industries. You regularly see leading consumer brands and small local businesses with social marketing on channels like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. But how many times do you see a message from a local law firm?

While some lawyers were slow to adopt social media as a marketing channel, others were early adopters and seized the opportunity of a new medium for client communication.

Lawyers Connecting with Social Media

For law firms operating in a disrupted environment such as that imposed by the current pandemic, social media is a valuable medium for connecting with people in their community. Services offered by lawyers can in some degree help alleviate pressure and anxiety experienced by Robina citizens. It can be argued, social channels are a useful communication tool for law firms before the Pandemic. It is crucial that lawyers engage with social tools in order to ensure their success and growth in an unprecedented period.

Whether your Robina law firm is large or small, from a single lawyer to a National franchise, you can use social channels to send timely and reassuring messages to people in your community as well as updating your referrers in a way that adds values.

Social Media in Disrupted Times

Disruption offers a unique opportunity to reshape how people view your brand. When economic times are tough some lawyers are tempted to reduce their marketing spend. They are unsure of what their cash flow may be in the future and reduce their marketing activity accordingly. However, savvy marketers understand there is an opportunity to become a local thought leader and hence grab market share from competitors.

Well-constructed social campaigns can reinforce the value of your brand using compelling images, motifs, colours and clever messaging. It can be easy for lawyers to think that social media is not important for their business, that they are too busy to invest valuable time on marketing campaigns. Smart legal operators would say the opposite. That social media is exactly where you need to be in disrupted times. How you engage with your community defines your brand, your relevancy and currency.

Robina Law Firms Using Social Media

Lawyers participating in social media can gain a view of the rapidly changing sentiment, beliefs and opinions that move in response to uncertainty in their community. They can then provide input and content that provides reassurance and authority when people feel anxious or enraged. The good news is that social media does not require a large investment and some activity is free. In times of economic recession marketing platforms often become more competitive and law firms can secure discounts or other incentives.

It is possible that we are going to witness lasting behavioural changes in our local communities. It would be unwise for a law firm to think their clients would stay loyal to their business for an extended period during and after the Pandemic. For your Robina law firm to maintain or grow during this time it would be wise to connect with your clients, potential new clients and their children. Social channels are ideal for facilitating this communication.

Common Social Media Channels for Law Firms

Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram are the social platforms that are commonly utilised by lawyer and solicitors. Whilst Instagram and Facebook often contain commercial messages, Linkedin is used to communicate content to legal referrers.

Many people in your local community are regularly using Facebook and Instagram to document their lives as well as chatting with their friends and family members. It is at this time that you can insert relevant messages about your law firm. This can range from profiles of your lawyers, legal advice regarding privacy, interrupting the most recent change to COVID restrictions and more. When done correctly, you can get a significant uplift in your social engagement.

Of course, the other advantage of social media is that it is highly measurable. You will know the content and messaging that is most popular. The type of images, colours, call to action, motifs they like as well as the content they are most likely to share. You also test and learn by using alpha/beta trials to test what combination of content leads to an action you want your users to complete.

Michael Ford is a state marketing manager for a leading national law firm. They have recently opened a new office for their Local Robina Lawyers

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