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A new locally produced travel series for Youtube helps you discover some of the hidden gems at your back door! In the first episode you visit the largest hedge maze in NSW, and the biggest butt in the Southern Hemisphere!

The pilot episode for the new series "Come Along For A Ride", was filmed recently in the Hastings hinterland, just thirty minutes from Port Macquarie in NSW.

It includes a little day-tripping through the nearby State Forests, and visiting a local winery for a day of fun, music and adventure!

"Come Along For A Ride" is created by Stephen Spry, a veteran Aussie Internet publisher, and a resident of the Mid/North Coast Region of NSW for nearly twenty years.

Mr Spry said he was "amazed how little a lot of people know about their local area and things they can do". The new video series designed for Youtube, attempts to address that by providing information on a wide range of entertaining day trips both locals and visitors can enjoy.


State Forests and/or National Parks are important local routes and destinations included in the series, especially since they are significant features of the local area.

In the pilot, Mr Spry sets out to find the biggest butt in the Southern Hemisphere! And visits "Old Bottlebutt" - a huge Red Bloodwood tree - in Burrawan State Forest, only a few easy kilometres off the tarmac near Port Macquarie. It's well worth a look!

His children also explore the largest hedge maze in NSW, located at Bago Maze and Winery. According to Mr Spry, "It's an amazing experience for both adults and children. We had so much fun in there, we had to do it twice!"

"The monthly 'Music in the Vineyards' day at Bago provided us with the perfect excuse to get out, and just relax for the day with a picnic and music from Gary King," said Mr Spry, "and it was a great location to record the pilot episode."

The new series promises to deliver many more "doable" day trips, along some of the roads less travelled on the East coast of Australia. While each trip may involve some dirt roads, only 2WD is needed for each journey, so anyone can do them!

"In the immediate future, I plan to record trips around Wingham and Gloucester to the south, to up near Coffs Harbour and Dorrigo to the north," said Mr Spry. "After that, we'll hopefully spread our wings a little further afield," he said.


Why don't you come along for a ride?

And have a day trip that's just a little bit different!

"Come Along For A Ride" is published by Come On Aussie Internet Services, and can be found on YouTube by searching for "Stephen Spry CAFAR"

Written by coais

About Stephen Spry

Stephen Spry is a freelance web designer and Internet publisher. He has been working online, full-time, since 1995 after an 18-year career as a high school Careers Adviser. Stephen operates several websites and web directories in a variety of niches. His main web design business can be found here ยป Come On Aussie.

Fri Jul 26 15:07:31 AEST 2019

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