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Barwon Hypnotherapy is an Australian private mental health centre that focuses on clinical hypnotherapy to facilitate positive and long-lasting change.

We provide quality telehealth treatment for a variety of psychological and physical problems Australia-wide.

Barwon Hypnotherapy

Our team of highly qualified and certified professionals is dedicated to assisting individuals in overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and PTSD.

We also provide expert guidance for clients seeking smoking cessation, weight loss, or wanting to resolve other personal issues.

If you're looking to make a positive change in your life, please visit our website today to book your free and confidential 30-minute initial consultation. This consultation will take place via Zoom and you don't need to have your camera on.

During this consultation, you will receive:
*Acknowledgment and consideration for your immediate concerns.
*A thorough explanation of the therapy we provide and the three distinct and impactful advantages of hypnotherapy.
*Clear insight into what to expect from our services and the desired outcomes you are seeking.
*An opportunity to explore and address any reservations you may have about the therapeutic process.
*Guidance on scheduling your sessions conveniently through our secure booking portal, with referral assistance available if needed.

PS. One more thing! When you book your free consultation, please remember to download your free copy of 'Hypnotic Healing: Harnessing the Power of Clinical Hypnotherapy for Positive Long-Lasting Change'


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