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Newcastle Loans is here to make your life easier!

Our goal is simple - to get you the best finance deal possible for your car, boat, van or bike.

Shopping around for the best car loan is time consuming but can save you thousands in interest and fees.

Call us, sit back and let us take the hassle out of borrowing!

What starts with a dream, we can bring to life.

Have you found the car of your dreams?

Newcastle Loans

Now you are looking to finance this new or used car.
Our experienced finance consultants will review your

circumstances and help find you the best deal possible.

Do you need a car loan for Business or Personal use?

No problem, we'll get you the best rate possible.

A secured personal loan is a loan secured against something you own, like a home, car, or boat. The lender uses this asset as security, also known as collateral, which acts as protection for them in the event you can no longer repay the loan. In this event, the lender would seize the asset and sell it to recover money still owed to them.

Given the security you're providing to the lender, secured personal loans often have lower interest rates than their unsecured counterparts. However, there is often a longer approval process to ensure the security is appropriate for the amount being borrowed.

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Last updated
Thu Sep 9 14:21:49 CEST 2021

  • Newcastle Loans
    73a King Street
    Warners Bay NSW 2282

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