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Guard Pest Control team provides cost-effective pest management solutions in Brisbane and South East Qld.

Using our powerful, completely unique and advanced treatments, we are able to solve your pest problems fast.

Our team of skilled professionals offer you a safe & efficient unwanted pest treatment for your dwelling.

Our pest management solutions extend to commercial and residential premises.

Guard Pest Control

We have a range of treatment solutions to treat insects & pests. Right from termites, spiders and ants to roaches, rats and rodents, we control all pest infestations quickly.

We've got pest control specialists in Brisbane equipped to eliminate the irritating pest infestation in your home. To show just how much we really do care about our clients our professional services come with a 12-month warrantee.

Industrial Pest Control Experts

Do you want to safeguard your business from pest infestations? Our effective & safe pest control solutions will address your troubles.

A significant number of diseases are carried by pests which could cause sicknesses, pain and even death. We understand that you have zero-tolerance for unwanted pests. Your organization needs an individual solution and we custom fit every industrial & commercial pest control solution to suit your needs.

The specialist task we perform is influenced by Integrated Pest Management principles. Health and safety polices demand enterprises to follow strict guidelines. Our commercial solutions strive to minimise disruption to your business operations and clients.

We could provide you with practical guidance and advice to help keep the insects and pests away from your building. We service various business enterprises which include retail shops, office spaces, clubs, industrial facilities, warehouses, doctor clinics, hospitals, schools, airport terminals, child care centres, caf├ęs, and eateries.

For an obligation-free and cost-free quote for your business consult our industrial pest specialists right now.

Domestic Pest Management

The worst thing any individual wants to see around the house is undoubtedly a pest invasion. We prevent pest infestations and pest troubles with our environmentally friendly approaches.

Our pest control solutions are fast, responsive and also entirely safe. Our company offers a genuine 12 month service warranty on each of these pests. Engage our experts and their effective and safe pest treatment and hygiene expert services to safeguard your family and property.

For our interior pest elimination treatment solution, we are going to spray all internal regions, which includes washrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and laundry rooms. We achieve an external pest control treatment that involves spraying all exterior regions such as outdoor garden sheds, garage areas, clotheslines, wheelie bins and also pergolas.

Termite Inspection And Pest Control Services

Termites affect 1 in 4 Australian properties. When buying a house, one of the initial things that you should do is get a termite & pest inspection of your new property. Your dream home is a huge investment & you do not want to place it at stake.

You can definitely put your confidence on our building & pest inspectors who have been licensed and certified by the QBCC. Our inspections include both external and internal regions of a property including roof voids and subfloors. We follow strict Australian Standards while performing pest inspections.

When our specialists discover termites in or around your property they're going to supply you with a range of treatment options, created for every spending budget and circumstances. Call our professionals now to get a free consultation on how we can protect your residence.

Termite Inspections and Treatments

Termite infestations can have devastating impact on timber buildings. Repair costs can be minimised with termite prevention and early detection. When left unattended, termites can cause serious damage to a property. The initial step to managing the termites is with a home inspection. Then, we will give you a thorough treatment or prevention plan and also a quote.

We will also be happy to deploy pre-construction termite barriers to safeguard against harmful termite attacks. The termite treatment solutions utilized by our licensed pest controllers are powerful and highly effective.

Do not let termite infestations decrease the worth of your household, act right away and get a free price quote to begin treating your termite issue.

Cockroach Control

Pests like cockroaches are savage pesky insects which are well-known for their adaptability and resiliency. Cockroaches are actually prolific breeders which can survive for around three weeks without food. When you have noticed roaches within your house give our experienced technicians a call.

Our Strength

1. Friendly and helpful client service that is unequalled.
2. Year-round protection is available.
3. Organic products that are really safe for the family members and domestic pets.
4. Termite inspections & termite removal solutions.
5. Thermal detectors used for termite inspections.
6. Accurate pest inspections that remove issues before you shift into your new home.
7. Expert pest control & management at reasonable prices. 8. Contact us right now for a free quote.
9. Enjoy pest-free peace of mind you deserve that comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Request A Free Quote

So if you are searching for successful end results along with a written guarantee call us. We strive to be your number one pest management service. Make an appointment today and say bye-bye for your pest problems.

We hope you delighted studying regarding the way we can help you and we look forward to doing precisely that.


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