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Bringing The Train Back

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A north coast NSW community group wants to reopen the public railway corridor from Casino to Murwillumbah and have produced this informative video. And it has me asking why it was ever shut in the first place?

Quotes from the video...

"It just didn't ever occur to me for a moment politicians might lie or be dishonest about something..."
and then...
"Well the Coalition is determined to reopen the Casino to Murwillumbah rail line, not just to provide a commuter service, but also because of the economic benefits it can provide to the area."

Righto... yep... yep... yep...

And of course... the video has now been removed! Oh well!

Update 17th July 2017

It's not looking good for the future of the railway, as this recent "promise" by the NSW Govt shows...

Written by coais

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Fri Jul 26 14:48:29 AEST 2019

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