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Australian based businesses and writers are welcome to post professionally written articles for publication on Come On Aussie.

You can better understand what is required if you look over these guidelines before writing anything.

Then you won't waste your time and ours by sending in unsuitable material.

Australian based businesses and writers are welcome to post professionally written articles for publication on Come On Aussie.

You can better understand what is required if you look over these guidelines before writing anything.

Then you won't waste your time and ours by sending in unsuitable material.

Basically, we do not want to be associated with people who are marketing for the "Dodgy Bros"! So, content which falls into that category, or which LINKS TO that type of marketing, or IMAGES which follow the same principles, will not be allowed here :)

Specifically, we DO NOT WANT content/images for, or which LINKS to any content that:

  • Is designed to provoke, offend, or shock people
  • Promotes hate, violence or discrimination
  • Defames any individual, organization, or group
  • Involves the exploitation of minors
  • Segregates or classifies individuals or groups of people by race, religion, ethnicity, sexual origin, color, age, gender identity, family status, disability, or medical condition
  • Promotes high risk investments and business scams, get rich quick schemes, payday loans, money making schemes etc
  • Promotes the use or sale of illegal drugs
  • Contains malware, spyware, adware etc
  • Advocates one religion over another
  • Promotes the use of unsafe products like supplements, steroids, weight-loss supplements etc
  • Makes promises to cure disease/illness/cancer etc
  • Sells male enhancement products - erectile dysfunction products

We MAY CONSIDER content/images/links that involve:

  • The sensible and discreet promotion or sale of adult products
  • The responsible sale and use of alcohol
  • Responsible gambling
  • Fake news (if it's clearly identified as such)
  • Tobacco related products (but not drug paraphernalia)
  • Financial services which comply with Australian laws and regulations
  • Political announcements with clear display of the party involved

Please provide EXAMPLES of both your article content AND the linking site for us to review.

Your content should be useful and informative for the people visiting our website. Any links provided within that content are also expected to do likewise.

We would expect that the linked content/website would be up to date and working to "normal" expectations of acceptable business practice online, particularly in relation to correct use of copyrighted material, trademarks and logos, and site navigation.

If you want to link to "selling" sites, any misleading techniques on that site will not be linked to. You know what they are, but essentially if something is "too good to be true" then we don't want it :)

Which means ANY offensive, inaccurate, misleading, sensational exaggeration etc used IN your content HERE, or on your linked website, is not acceptable.

We would prefer full disclosure IN the article, AND on your web site of your complete contact details - ie NOT just a contact form - unless you can provide US with the details and reasons why they are not on your web site.

A privacy statement / link is also required.

The only other main requirement is that


is formatted correctly.

The format is simple enough - ie.

This Is What Your Headline Should Look Like

Where, every word has the first letter capitalized.
There are NO WORDS IN ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS unless that is their common use.
There are NO symbols or unnecessary punctuation in the heading, other than perhaps ONE ! or ? at the end, and maybe a , or - somewhere in the middle (if needed).
Certainly, NO full stop is needed at the end

You can lodge articles on a range of topics:

Animals / Pets, Business, Children / Parenting, Computers, Dating / Relationships, Education / Training, Employment, Entertainment, Finance, Food, Health / Lifestyle, Home / Garden, Humour, Internet, Real Estate, Shopping, Sport, Technology, Travel / Destinations, Vehicles, Weddings.

Items in the Travel / Tourism niche in particular are extremely welcome in light of our recent performance in that industry.

If you have a suggestion for other topics that can't be included above, please let us know.

Fill out the form here to send your item in for review.

NOTE: There IS a $10 review fee payable via PayPal.

This fee covers our time in reviewing your work. We then edit and prepare them for publication. This ensures they meet our quality guidelines.

The fee is NOT refundable if an article fails review. We do advise you by return email if anything is "wrong" with your item. You then have a chance to correct it, once :) Repeated failed attempts however, are not really welcome.


You can also lodge a properly prepared press release here for no cost.

These are also reviewed before publication to ensure they meet our standards.


Articles that are written in a "conversational" tone are preferred. Or, as I call it, "coffee table" style.

This is the way most "normal" people might tell a story to other people they don't know too well. Imagine them casually sitting around the table, having a mocha or two.

Avoid the jargon of your industry! Along with "ego-trips"!

Items that are extremely "political" are best avoided :) We really don't want to pander to the ravings of any extremists. That said however, we will consider an item if it has a balanced viewpoint and is well researched and written.

Study some of the items already published, and get an idea of what we want.

Or for that matter... study THIS page :) It's a great example, as it (hopefully) answers all the questions contributors might have!


Several "filters" operate on all the items lodged here.

They look for the items used in various attacks on web sites.

They also look for the nastier swear words that would cause us to lose our PG rating LOL.


The minimum number of words required is 750 (this one is around 1200).

Google make it very clear in their quality guidelines that "thin content" is not welcome nor rewarded. In some cases, it may even cause a penalty. And we don't want that :)

Acceptable length is normally between 750 and 2500 words.

Long-form articles over 2500 words are also fine, assuming the length is needed to better answer the question discussed.


Google also make it clear they prefer items that answer user questions. Articles should therefore pose a question in the headline/introduction. They then need to provide a solid answer to that question.

To make items easy to read on mobile devices, paragraphs should be short. Just like this one.

Short sentences are also encouraged. This helps keep the reading level down and makes it easier for users.

Please also note that submissions are BEST DONE AS TEXT!

Our filters may NOT ACCEPT a lot of items that are PASTED in from WORD. This is because of the many crazy non-text characters it sends. These often display poorly on HTML pages.

And speaking of HTML... Certain sections on the submission form do NOT allow any HTML. Please also try to LIMIT the HTML in other sections. For example, basic formatting like HEADINGS or BOLD etc. We remove any extra divs, font styles, etc., as they also wreak havoc on the display here! If there are too many to edit, we reject the item completely.


When you provide images to accompany your article, you need to know:

  1. A TITLE IMAGE must be LANDSCAPE, at least 900px wide and 600px high. Save it as JPG, and no smaller than 70KB-100KB.
  2. Images that appear WITHIN the content, must be PORTRAIT, no more than 300px wide. This would normally float to the right of your content.

Please EMAIL images to me here
stephen [at]
with full details about what item they are for.

We then modify as needed, and upload to our server.


The work MUST be yours to share, including any pictures etc you provide with the item to make it prettier :)

When you send an item to us, you also allow us to use suitable content on our other sites. For example, we have a Business portal, and an Employment portal. Relevant articles may also be shown there.


Getting a link back to your main website IS the whole point of writing articles for publication on "other" sites.

There are several things you need to consider.

Article Headlines - These will generally be disallowed if they contain LOCATIONS, COMPANY NAME, PRODUCT NAMES or DOMAIN NAMES.

"Excellent Web Designing services in LOCATION"
"Find the Right Property For Rent in LOCATION"
"Maximize Your Online ROI with LOCATION Interactive Marketing at COMPANY"

You submission will fail with the inclusion of such "spammy" keyword type stuffing of information MULTIPLE TIMES in the BODY of your article!

Links WITHIN the article to your website - A COUPLE of relevant links WITHIN the BODY of the article MAY be allowed, but please do NOT put them anywhere near the START! You DO want the person to READ the whole article don't you?

Author Bio - Use the Author Bio field at the end to do most of your SEO! Here, everyone expects to see a sentence or two describing who you are, and what you can do. They also expect to see ONE main link (target="_blank") to your money page.

Author Email / Password - You must provide an email address and password so you can EDIT your material at a later date. When you lodge MULTIPLE items, use the SAME details for each one. That way, they can all be shown on the one screen.

When you are lodging articles on behalf of OTHER PEOPLE, please do NOT use your common email and password. If you do, they won't be able to edit them.

Author Nickname - We can set up a special "Author Page" for you. If you plan on regularly contributing articles, this could be extremely useful to you.

Each of your articles can link to that page. It lists all the items you have written. It also shows your bio information provided with the latest article.

If you have an image to use as an Avatar here, please let me know.


Please contact me for an immediate answer :)

Stephen Spry

Fill out the form here to send your item in for review.

FYI, this article has around 1200 words, with a Flesch Reading level of 64.3 (easily understood by 13-15 year old students) and a Flesch-Kincaid Grade level of 7.3. The passive sentences count is low @ 8%.

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