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Landscape photography is capturing an image that embodies the spirit of the outdoors.

It carries a sense of being there to see something incredible. My goal is, when you look at my work, your heart will jump.

I want you to feel the emotions I feel when I am standing in the middle of nature capturing something amazing.

If you feel like you are a part of my photograph, I have done my job.

Nobella Photography

Landscape photography is spending all day watching a storm gather, telling yourself that the sunset will be incredible, and then returning home without a single good photo.

It's about leaving your tripod in the car because there are no clouds in the sky, then seeing one of the most spectacular sunsets of your life.

Both of these are commonplace in landscape photography. And, although it seems infuriating, all of this is part of the excitement.

Why? Because, when you finally capture the image that you had in mind, it means something.

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Last updated
Fri Sep 9 09:16:51 CEST 2022

  • Nobella Photography
    22 Grasmere Way
    Warners Bay NSW 2282

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