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Mudbrick Herb Cottage is one of Australia's most loved destinations for shopping over 400 varieties of herbs, both in person at our Gold Coast nursery and online.

Herbs offer an abundance of beauty to your garden and are extremely versatile.

Many are edible, offer medicinal benefits, and can be used as an active ingredient in home cleaning and personal skin care products.

Mudbrick Herb Cottage

We specialise in rare herbs, including medicinal and culinary herbs that you can grow in your own garden at home.

All of our herbs are grown organically, using certified organic inputs. You'll also find a huge range of organic dried herbs and spices which you can buy in bulk.

Our passionate team are here to offer you the best customer service to answer all your herbal gardening needs.

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Thu Mar 24 08:17:42 CET 2022

  • Mudbrick Herb Cottage
    491 Gold Coast Springbrook Rd
    Mudgeeraba QLD 4213

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