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Discover How To Keep Your Calories High, Shed Body Fat And Drop Between 2-6 Clothing Sizes... Without Doing Any Cardio.

If you JUST want to sweat... lose a bit of weight and not care too much about performing exercises with proper technique then we are NOT what you're looking for, HOWEVER...

Peter Nguyen Fitness - Personal Trainer Brisbane

If you want to train smarter (and not spend hours or days working out) so that you look and feel better than you have in years...

Be calmer and have a clearer mind...

Improve your blood works like some of our clients (see testimonials on our website)...

Transform your body so that you can wear clothes that make you feel sexy (like our client Chester who lost 40kg)...

Build some muscle so that you look good at the beach or by the pool...

Get results by eating more food...

Improve your sleep so that you feel fresh in the morning...

Strengthen up your muscles so that you reduce aches and pains...

Then head over to our website and request for a FREE consult and we'll show you how.

Snoop around our site and look for a form to fill out...

But just remember, there's one of me and many of U's so it's a first-come-first-serve-basis.

So don't procrastinate too long... otherwise I'll have to place you on our waiting list.

Call now or click on our website for more information

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  • Peter Nguyen Fitness - Personal Trainer Brisbane
    50 Lamington Avenue

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