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Leon's Leak Detection is one of the best detectors company. It is working in Melbourne.

Leon uses innovative diagnostic techniques that can ultimately provide you with precise answers to your questions faster than a plumber.

In fact, a lot of technicians that don't possess this equipment will call us at the beginning of the job.

Water leak detector

Contrary to other detection solutions, our diagnostic services will not create damage to the house.

If a leak is detected, you're going to know the exact location of the flow so that the repair process can begin.


Our company, Leon's Leak Detection, provide the best services with our experts in specifying the exact location of a flow fast without causing undue disturbance to your property or your hectic schedule. It's only one of the high-tech tools we utilize at Leon's to pinpoint the position of the undetected escape.

What do we do?
- Accoustic leak detection
- Infra-red leak detection
- Tracer gas leak detection
- Digital camera leak detection
- Gas leak detection
- Leaking shower

Areas (location)

We are providing our services to all of Melbourne Water or Gas Leaks 24/7.

Why we are the best

As I mentioned that we are providing the best detection services all around Melbourne. Our expert team detects gas and water leakage. Leaks can be very serious issues that can cause a significant amount of property damage or cost you a lot of money over time.

How does Leon's Leak detection system work?

We are providing the best leak detection systems which use to monitor water and gas flow. These leak detection systems detect the pattern of the water flow which is passing through the sensor recording the time delay.

Another function of these leak detectors is to cut off the water by detecting the presence of moisture. If they find that moisture is reaching the floorboards then its mechanical valve is activated and it will block water flow.

Pipes crack or burst if they get freeze. If this happens then you will have to consult with costly plumbers to repair. To avoid this situation you have to contact Leon's Leak Detection.
Leon's Leak detection systems can detect the pipes then they are in danger of freezing.

So you have to think about these serious issues on time and we are here to solve this problem for you on the behalf of our expert team.

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Last updated
Sat Dec 5 13:55:12 CET 2020

  • Leons leak detectors
    5/15 Truganini Rd
    Carnegie VIC 3163

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One of my best friends is/was a plumber… and it never ceases to amaze me how much these guys know about water and fluid!

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