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Outdoor or indoor garage epoxy floor coating is requested upon a certain need. The advantages of the garage epoxy flooring are considerably higher than expected.

For this reason, garage epoxy flooring has become the preferred and highly demanded place.

The epoxy floor system we use in the garage provides visual and dust-free use for a long time.

spectrum floor coating

Epoxy is an industrial chemical type, it is not easily scratched and ageing, so it can be used with peace of mind for many years.

In addition, it increases the satisfaction level of the users with the advantage of not being easy to clean, water repellent and slippery floor. In garage floor sealing ramps, epoxy floor surface that prevents slipping due to rubber grip makes the garage reliable.

The physical and chemical resistance of the parking spaces made with epoxy application polyurethane resins is at the highest level.

As we mentioned at the beginning of our garage epoxy flooring product, this flooring is divided into two. these are outdoor and indoor epoxy floor covering.

The open garage is made of self-levelling epoxy garage floor due to UV resistance. The polyurethane resin garage floor paint used in open car parks will not fade due to their UV resistance. It is resistant to all kinds of natural conditions. In addition, polyurethane and epoxy resins prevent icing at freezing temperatures, especially in open areas.

Since flat glassy polyurethane-based resins are more flexible than epoxy resins, they tolerate dynamic static movements on vibrating floors, so polyurethane coatings should be preferred for moving floors.

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