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Technology is such a wonderful invention that has enhanced so much of our lives to this day.

The creation of drones has allowed businesses big or small to take advantage of their versatility and mobility to gather information.

RPA (remote pilot aircraft) or drones have been to talks in recently with the aviation and news media to maintain privacy and safety of civilians.

Drone Photography Melbourne

With recent laws to allow hobbyists to fly for commercial gain with drones under 2kg.

Typical usage for drones is aerial photography, drone filming, asset inspection, 3D mapping and collection vital information for agriculture.

Reasons why businesses would opt-in for a drone as a service to elevate their business goals.

First of all, it's cost-effective and easy to get off the ground in tight situations.

When you hire a drone operator to take on a task whether it's small to large, you no longer have to worry about hiring an expensive helicopter and a crane. There are some limitations with using a drone, that's the airspace restrictions, that will take longer to get approval.

Professional Drone Photography Melbourne

Small Drone Pilots perfect for real estate and construction industry

Being such a popular area on the rise you will expect lots of new drone pilots looking to get their foot in the door.

When it comes to starting a new drone photography business, it can be challenging to get your brand out there - some will fail, and others will prevail.

You can hire a boutique drone photography and videography business to assist real estate and construction industry. If you are looking to hire a professional drone pilot in the Melbourne region, you need to check out Aerial Photography Pro.

At Aerial Photography Pro, we provide ongoing drone photography and video services to capture the progression of your project.

By collecting weekly, fortnightly or monthly will give you data on how the project is coming along. We go the extra mile to do post-editing to provide you with an edge to assist you in promoting the project to investors and social media.

We have pilots ready to take on task all over Melbourne and Victoria. Visit our website to learn more about what we do and our portfolio.

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Well the world has gone digital, and photography is no exception. While some might lament the passing of "film"... others are embracing the industry.

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