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As a certified Reiki practitioner, I use energy healing techniques to help you reduce anxiety naturally.

Book online for sessions via Skype or distance healing. I also see clients in-person in the Newcastle area.

Go to my website and download free guided meditations for mindfulness and calm.


Anxious Relief

What is reiki healing?
Reiki is a natural therapy which channels universal life energy through the hands.

How does reiki work?
I use a "hands-off" approach and do not touch my client at all.

Most of my sessions are conducted via Skype – but for in-person sessions I ask my client to lay on my healing table and keep my hands about 5-10cm away from the body.

What does reiki do?
Here is how I describe life force energy: If you look at anything under a microscope powerful enough, at some point all the particles look the same.

These particles rub together, generating heat and light. This is life force. This is the stuff that makes up everything in the Universe.

Reiki channels this energy into a body that is out of balance, bringing it back into alignment and harmony.

Is reiki good for anxiety?
Reiki is a very valid alternative therapy for anxiety. Many of my clients come for Reiki whilst they are also undergoing counselling and taking anxiety medication.

It makes no difference to the quality of the healing – the energy goes where it needs to go and the healing happens anyway.

What to expect from a reiki session:

You can book any Reiki energy healing session with me by using the online scheduling session on my website.

Skype sessions: I will call you at the appointment time, we will have a chat and I will ask questions if anything needs to be clarified.

Then I send energy to you through the webcam. It works just the same way, if not better than in-person healing.

Distance healings: At the appointment time, I will tune into your energy field using a ‘surrogate' – usually a crystal or a special pillow.

I take notes and email them to you after the healing along with a special report about your energy field. Distance healings are especially useful for social anxiety as no personal contact or talking is needed.

In-person healings: You can come visit me in my healing room in Newcastle, NSW. I will greet you, and we will sit and chat about you and your anxiety journey so far. I will then invite you to lie on the table or in a chair, and the healing will flow from there.

After your session, expect to feel calm. I recommend you drink a glass of water to ground yourself and come "back to earth".

Many people fall asleep during their healings – this is fine and can help the energy to truly do its best work.


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