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Got Solar? Get the most out of your investment!

Increase your solar panel efficiency up to 30% with our set-free services.

Without regular cleaning and maintenance you will not be receiving the full financial benefit of your investment. Increase your energy savings and solar panel efficiency with Western Solar Clean and make the most of your investment.

Western Solar Clean

Pollution, traffic dust, sea salt spray, general dust, bird droppings, moss and fungus prevent light reaching your solar panels, contributing to a big reduction in solar energy being produced. Western Solar Clean can help you get that energy back.

Just like you wouldn't expect rain to clean your car, rain won't clean your solar panels either. Western Solar Clean are insured and trained to keep your panels operating at maximum efficiency so you get the most out of your investment all year round.

Did you know AS/NZS 5033 Regulations suggest that a regular cleaning and maintenance program for your solar panels not only increases your energy output, but is also required to protect your manufacturer's warranty, and any warranties provided by your installation company.


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Australian Energy & Solar Australian Energy & Solar
You know… this "free power from the Sun" concept is great! I've been living mostly "off the grid" for the past 3 years…

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