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Are you planning to build or repair Driveways in Melbourne? Well, you have come to the Right place. Top Driveways Melbourne builds and repairs Driveways in Melbourne. We have a professional team that is experienced in asphalt driveways in Melbourne as well as concrete driveways in Melbourne. Whether you are building a new asphalt or concrete driveway, or you are planning to repair an existing road, we have the right team to do the job.

The first step is our professional team take is to survey your drive. They will then compile a report on what needs to be done. Then we will come up with an agreed on an action plan. We will continuously brief you as we work on your drive from start to finish. We believe in giving our customers value for the time and money they invest in the projects we do for them.

We offer Concrete and Asphalt services in the following constructions:


Driveways are an important and conspicuous part of any property. They give visitors the first impression of what kind of a home or organization they are visiting. If your drive way is old and looks neglected, it will make visitors think less of your abilities to do business with them. We all want to be associated with successful people. If your driveway needs repairs in Melbourne, we are the right people to contact. We also offer quality driveway resurfacing in Melbourne.

Resurfacing extends your driveway's life, saving you time and money in minor repairs. We do not just do the job to finish it; we also focus on making sure you are fully satisfied with the job. We believe professionalism is not just about the actual work, but in the way the customer is treated and served. Whether you prefer a concrete driveway, an asphalt road, or a tiled driveway, we have the expertise to make you smile as you drive through your driveway.

Car Parks

Do you need a coloured concrete driveway for your car park? Coloured driveways are one of the best ways to mark the car park to make it easy for drivers to park their cars. They also make your car park look more artistic. Car parks are a big investment. It is with that in mind that we offer you a chance to get the expected cost of the driveway and car park, as well as reviews of works that we have done in the past.

If you need an estimate of any concrete or asphalt construction, we will be glad to walk you through what to expect regarding material costs, labour costs, and licences you need, if any. If you want to construct an exposed aggregate driveway instead of the regular asphalt driveway, we have the right team for the job. Our workmanship stands out in any project we undertake. We are always proud of the good work we do and the appreciation we get from our clients.

School Grounds

When it comes to any outdoor construction within school grounds such as pathways, driveways, and parking lots, we are the best driveway contractors to for the job. At Top Driveways Melbourne, we understand that schools are centres of excellence. That is we uphold our quality standards when we are constructing bitumen, stone, or gravel driveways for schools in Melbourne. We know schools are one of the best places to showcase our workmanship.

You can rest assured we will not only give you the best asphalt and concrete services in Melbourne, but we will also give the best prices and timelines. Schools, unlike private homes and businesses, experience a lot of human and vehicle traffic. That is why you must have the best driveways, car parks, and playgrounds if you are to get any return on your investment. You can only get that level of expertise if you hire a qualified and experienced asphalt and concrete works company to do the job.


Pathways are an important section of any property especially where there are a lot of human and car traffic. They are also important if you have restricted areas such as a football pitch, a grass pitch or any other area that you do not wish people to walk on. A pathway acts as a message to anyone that they are expected to use and follow it to get to wherever it leads. Having a path marked clearly with signs will enable you to achieve that objective. Pathways lower the risk accidents by separating human and vehicle traffic.

You also comply with safety regulations when you construct them within your premises. We build the best pebble mix driveways in Melbourne as well as pathways. We have a selection of designs for you to choose, as well as custom options that allow you to give your input if you have any preferences. You can, therefore, be assured you will enjoy the whole process. We value your input; we believe the final look and finish of the project should not just be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be a reflection of your values and image.

Basketball and Tennis Courts

We are leading installer in quality asphalt basketball courts. Whether you need a basketball court for the public or a school, rest assured that we will give you the best job in Melbourne. We will also provide a quality concrete car park and driveway to go along with it if you need one. Your project will receive nothing short of our finest workmanship.

Whether you are doing a simple repainting or you, want to resurface the court. We have the right team for the job. Our highly trained staffs are keen, and they pay close attention to detail. They understand it is the finer details that make the difference. They observe the latest construction guidelines to ensure the project benefits from the latest technology in the concrete and asphalt construction industry.


We serve the Melbourne residents with diligence and professionalism. Whether you need to carry out repairs or construct fresh concrete or asphalt works, we assure you that we are the best, and we have the reviews from our clients to back us. We repair driveways in Melbourne East, West, North, and South. Call us for a consultation and get a budget estimate of your driveway or pathway projects. We always invest our time and skills to ensure we deliver the best workmanship in Melbourne.

Top Driveways Melbourne


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