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More Items from COAIS

More Items from COAIS

About Stephen Spry

Stephen Spry is a freelance web designer and Internet publisher. He has been working online, full-time, since 1995 after an 18-year career as a high school Careers Adviser. Stephen operates several websites and web directories in a variety of niches. His main web design business can be found here » Come On Aussie.

North Brother Mountain NSW North Brother Mountain NSW
Spectacular view from the top of North Brother Mountain © Stephen Spry

Sydney Opera House @ night Sydney Opera House @ night
What a spectacular sight she makes… even on a normal night in Sydney :)

Our Magnificent Our Magnificent "Rock" Uluru
No pictorial of Australia would be complete without this shot!

Waitui Falls NSW Waitui Falls NSW
Off the beaten track a little @ Waitui Falls NSW © Stephen Spry

Wow! This IS pretty impressive! Wow! This IS pretty impressive!
While this isn't "true blue", it's still pretty amazing. And proves you should not let life get in the way of achieving what you want!

SEO! What's the G.O.? SEO! What's the G.O.?
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) aims at making changes to your website to improve its position in search engine listings. But does it work?

Big Australian Big Australian "Things"
Scattered across the Australian countryside, are monuments to various things... well... BIG! Aussies seem to delight in making BIG structures out of some of the most unlikely objects…

Famous Australian Ideas and Innovations Famous Australian Ideas and Innovations
You're going to be very surprised at some of the great inventions Aussies have been responsible for…

All About Come On Aussie All About Come On Aussie
Back in 1978, a quirky jingle promoted the season of World Series Cricket. That's where we got our inspiration :)

Advertise Here At Come On Aussie Advertise Here At Come On Aussie
Is this the page where I am supposed to convince you that advertising with us is the next best thing since sliced bread? Let's see how I go… LOL

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