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There are many different reasons that your device may have stopped responding, and in most cases , we will retrieve your data with our specialised equipment and over 20 years of data recovery expertise.

It is important to note that there is a very good chance that your data can be recovered even if your hard drive has failed. There are many reasons that your hard drive may have stopped responding.

Data Recovery Perth

Problems such as filesystem corruptions , typically due to system freezes, power failures, and hard drive reformats there is also a strong likelihood your data is still physically on the drive.

While the industry uses the term Data Recovery what we do is in fact is perform hard drive repairs ,repairs on RAID system or storage medium so that we can retrieve the data from the failing or failed device.

Often the drive will on inspection present with a particular set of symptoms that indicate a certain failure for example firmware corruption whereas on closer inspection there is often an underlying physical cause. That is why the process of examining the drive to quote for the cost of data recovery is essential.


The knowledge required to recover data from different hard drive types such as Western Digital, Seagate , Toshiba etc can change from drive make and model and you should ensure that the person recovering your data understands this. At Data Recovery Perth we are familiar with all drive makes and models.


Similarly it is important when recovering data due to accidental file deletion or reformats that the person recovering data has a deep understanding of the file systems that are used on storage devices. Knowledge of fat32 as well as HFS on Mac , NTFS on Windows and EXT4 Linux systems. We at Data Recovery Perth do know the differing file systems that exist and how they work but you should check that is the case with your data recovery provider.


Once you are aware there is a problem with your hard drive you should get professional help immediately . The more you try to fix the device the greater the chance you are causing more damage and this is especially true if you try and open up your hard drive as this can make data recovery impossible. The best thing you can do is resist the urge to play with the drive and call Data Recovery Perth straight away.

Using our specialized data recovery tools we will diagnose the problem. Once we know what the problem is, we will send you a quote. This will give you an exact cost for recovering the contents of your storage device.

As previously mentioned data recovery is actually the process of repairing the drive and then retrieving the data. How the device has failed will determine the cost of recovery.

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