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What would you do if your vehicle was stolen?

As over 50,000 caravans, cars, boats and motorbikes are stolen every year in Australia and New Zealand.

You can actually secure your pride & joy with a simple to use Solid GPS tracker.

Solid GPS is an Aussie-Built tracker you can place nearly anywhere inside your vehicle or even a piece of machinery or equipment.

Solid GPS

Your Solid GPS tracker is simple to use and there's no wiring involved, just charge it up and turn it on and hide it in your asset.

Then whenever your vehicle moves, you'll be able to track where it goes on your phone.

Better yet, your tracker comes with everything you need to get started from the 4G SIM card (that runs on the Telstra network) to your very own Australian support team and much more.

But why did we start Solid GPS?

We began as two young Aussie brothers who just wanted to protect our motorcycles from being stolen.

I'm sure you've spent countless hours weighing up different options for protecting anything from your caravan to your motorcycle and we did the same.

We spent countless hours weighing up different options for protecting our motorcycles and I'm sure you've done the same thinking of security options for anything from your caravan to your car.

Frustrated by what we saw in the market, we decided to give it an honest go and develop our own security measure, a GPS tracker.

It took over a year of development and countless prototypes but we finally built an Aussie GPS tracker that just works.

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Thu Sep 22 00:45:50 CEST 2022

  • Solid GPS
    U57/203 Rooks Road
    Vermont VIC 3133

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