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The Opal Cave in Lightning Ridge is owned and operated by Herman Kreller. For over 20 years, Herman and his wife Sandy have supplied a range of opal jewellery, book and tours to the community in Lightning Ridge.

Select from a range of some of the finest solid opals available in the world.

With no two opals the same, our solid opals make unique and stunning pieces of jewellery.

The Opal Cave - Herman Kreller

Make sure you visit our website to see a comprehensive selection, or contact Herman Kreller today to learn more.

In addition to solid opals, Herman Kreller and his wife Sandy also offer a range of fine opal jewellery. Select from handcrafted pendants, rings and necklaces which are manufactured to the highest standards.

Designed by our own team of award winning jewellery designers, we can also create custom jewellery pieces tailored to your requirements.

From our store in Lightning Ridge, Herman Kreller and his wife also offer a range of books, souvenirs, doublets, tanzanite and even local tours.

So if you're looking for the finest opal products look no further than Herman and Sandy from the Opal Cave in Lightning Ridge.

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Sat Aug 14 14:50:51 CEST 2021

  • The Opal Cave, Lightning Ridge
    51 Morilla St
    Lightning Ridge NSW 2834

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