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Hydraulic Jacks & Jacking Equipment. Prestressing, Post Tensioning & Lifting Equipment.

P.J.M. Industrial has been operating since 1999 being able to offer the construction industry a wide variety of light to heavy-duty or high capacity hydraulic jacking equipment.

PJM Industrial (Australia)

Whether it's to be used in Bridge Construction, Concrete Precast Yards, or the Post-tensioning or Pre-stressing Industries, our products for sale include...

jacking equipment, hydraulic jacks, torque wrenches, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic workshop presses, aluminium jacks, staple guns, grout pumps, telescopic hydraulic cylinders, load skates, load moving skates, lifting systems, lifting slings, hydraulic winches, hydraulic jack stands, prestressing equipment and post-tensioning equipment.

Our scope of work does not stop with construction. We are also heavily involved with companies in the Marine, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Automotive, Machinery Movers, Mining, Production and Plant Maintenance.

Hydraulic Jacks including Werner Weitner Jacks, Orbit Aluminum Jacks, Power Team Hydraulic Jacks, PJM Industrial Hydraulic Jacks, Prestressing Jacks, Post Tensioning Jacks, Onioning Jacks, Swaging Jacks and Barrel & Wedge Swaging Jacks
Torque Wrenches including Low profile torque wrenches, Square drive torque wrenches and Hydraulic torque wrench pump. We also have Wavor Torque Wrenches including Noiseless Pneumatic and Digital Electric Torque Wrenches.
Hydraulic Pumps including PJM Industrial hydraulic hand pumps, Hand pumps, Foot pumps, Air hydraulic pumps, Electric hydraulic pumps and Petrol hydraulic pumps
Hydraulic Workshop Presses
Automotive Workshop Equipment from Werner Weitner including Engine & Transmission Repair Stands for motorcycles, motor vehicles and trucks, Automotive Workshop Presses and other workshop equipment (eg. engine bridges, workshop cranes, strut compressors, valve assembly tools, strut compressors, cylinder head clamping device , etc.)
Load Skates, Load Trolleys, Load Rollers & Lifting Systems
Aerofilm Systems Air Casters & Air Skates Transportation Systems.
Hydraulic Jack Stands
Grout Pumps including horizontal and vertical mount motor grout pump and colloidal grout pump & grouting pumps, mixers and agitators (from Hany AG / Haeny AG)
Jack stands including hydraulic jack stands and mechanical jack stands
Strand Cutters
Strand Pushers or Strand Feeders
Staple Guns
Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacture
Strand Lift Systems
Bridge Jacks
Nut Splitters
Stud Bolt Tensioners
Other Services
P.J.M Industrial also has the ability to design and construct the Hydraulic Jacking or Lifting System to best suit your companies requirements. Other products & services we offer include:-

Bridge Construction Hydraulic Jacking Equipment where we can also design the correct fast and efficient system to get the job done safely;
Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturers & Suppliers. We can manufacture 1 metre in Diameter x 9 metres in length; and
Strand Lift Systems with the ability to lift up to 500 Tonne per cylinder.
Hydraulic Cylinders, Rams or Pumps Repairs, Resealing & Reconditioning in Australia
As we have over 20 years experience in all facets of the design and manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders and Jacking Systems we are ideally positioned to service & repair any existing hydraulic system or hydraulic component you have. From a simple reseal to a full recondition, we can recondition, reseal & repair your hydraulic cylinders, rams &/or pumps.

Now Supplying: OX Worldwide, HEMS, PowerAttack, SPX Power Team & Kenrich
P.J.M. Industrial is pleased to announce we can now supply products from:

Ox Worldwide - specialists in handling, transport & lifting of all kinds of loads.
PowerAttack - The Loadmover: Push & pull loads up to 30 tonnes without a forklift.
SPX Power Team - Workshop Presses with capacity from 10 to 200 tons.
Kenrich Products - Heavy-duty grout pumps
HEMS - Master track pin presses

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Wed Mar 17 09:35:51 CET 2021

  • PJM Industrial
    14-16 Roberna Street
    Moorabbin VIC 3189

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