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After purchasing a play mat for one of our homes and being concerned with the strong smell of the material, we began researching foam.

Discovering a joint value for a non-toxic, plastic free, biodegradable Play Mat. And so Mikro', meaning Greek for 'Little one' was established in 2016.

We are a family orientated business and we wanted to reflect that in the name of our company.

Mikro Australia

We proudly offer Eco Luxury Play Mats that don't cost the earth, children safety or your home décor.

Working from our homes and garages, enabled us to be the best stay at home mums we could be, but still filling our own ‘self-worth cup' and sustaining an income. We have grown into what we can barely handle on our own... yet we still do most!

We have moved our stock from garages into a warehouse and laptops on the couch to an office. We now also produce original, wooden toys that compliment our play mats, staying true to the value of sustainability, plastic free products that enhance Early Learning Development.

To know your little ones are loving our product and meeting milestones on them... well this just makes our hearts sing!

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Last updated
Wed Oct 12 07:37:14 CEST 2022

  • Mikro Australia
    2/104 Swan Street
    Guildford WA 6055

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