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Australia's Fastest Web Hosting And Domain Name Registration! Domain Registration DNS Australia

Most web hosting companies you find in Australia are actually using web servers based overseas. And is a common misconception!

If you own an Australian Website, you would want in hosted on Australian servers right?

Domain Registration DNS. Domains & Hosting

Our web servers are the fastest in Australia and based in an Australia high-speed data centre.

Your website is not hosted on just one single shared web server like 99 percent of other web hosting companies offer.

After you have uploaded your shiny new website to our servers it is automatically mirrored onto our high-end RAID50 SSD fully load-balanced servers. If the load on one server becomes to high. Your site will start loading from is sister server in order to keep your page load speeds high. And if one of our web servers have an issue or goes down. The other will automatically take up the slack. But when both servers are running at the same time. Your web pages load at lightning record speeds.

Best of all. Our hosting plans are actually cheaper than companies who only host your site on a single shared server which could be hosting thousands of other websites also. Further slowing down your web page load times.

Our Australian Data Centre is located in Sydney Australia.
Not only is your website hosted on two fully redundant servers here in Australia. It then further replicates itself to our other servers located around the world in Malaysia, Amsterdam and Los Angles. This also speeds up the load speed of your website dramatically for people visiting your website overseas.

No other web hosting and domain name registration company in Australia offers this kind of high speed distributed system.

We also offer extremely cheap domain name registration. Especially

Most Domain Name Registrars in Australia charge from $140 upwards per two-year registration.

Domain Registration DNS is currently offering registrations for just $17.20 per year!

Your account also comes with completely free Domain Name and DNS management which other registrars normally charge extra rates for. All changes you make within DNS are applied instantly using our high-speed DNS Anycast servers.

Normally when making updates to your domains DNS settings it can take up to 48 hours to replicate around the world. Our DNS servers update your domain data instantly making us the fastest DNS provider in Australia.

We also offer professional web design and highly advanced web site SEO services to get your website found in the major search engines and increase traffic to your website to boost your online sales and services.

If you are finding it hard to chose a company to register your domain name with and to host your website. Look no further you have come to the right place!

Domains & Hosting
Web Site Design & Development
Search Engine Optimisation
Ultra Secure Web Site SSL Certificates
Enterprise-Class Cloud VPS Servers.
Email and Office 365 Hosting
Free and Fast Public DNS Resolver Servers.

Create an account with us today and join hundreds of new Australian's enjoying our lightspeed services at the fraction of the price of others!


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